Get Ready for Gasparilla 2018!

Our favorite parades are upon us! The Gasparilla Day and Knight parades. And it’s time to make sure you’ve got your threads lookin’ their best, your beads packed up, and your smiles on!  Since 1995, this krewe has taken its prominent place in the procession of pirates that is Gasparilla.  It has changed a lot over those 22 years (and so have we), but one thing is always a guarantee.  The bead-loving crowds will be there, waiting for us!

You can get excited by visiting the official website,, but please be sure to start preparing now.  In a few days, we’ll be sending you “the bible”–that long email that tells you everything you need to know to put on your best show.  It’s very important that you read it fully.  Things change every year, and this is not small undertaking.  One misstep can have you running for the float or wondering where it is altogether.  And rules are rules–and lord knows we’ve (accidentally?) broken them in the past.  But Ye Mystic Krewe doesn’t miss much, and our email will be filled with all the latest information we all need to know to have a safe parade–and more importantly–be invited back next year.

So watch your email, ye saloon girls and gamblers!  We’ll have all the information coming to you soon.

Have a fun & safe parade!